Hey, this photo is © Celia Clement

Project 102 Exhibition – 21h21

10 March 2022 , Célia

Célia Clément exhibits her photograph“21:21” for “Project 102” at the Espace des Blancs-Manteaux.

Célia Clément’s art is plural, she captures landscapes, animals and humans. However, all these subjects are imbued with a certain contemplation. She succeeds in translating the cultural richness of societies and thus the plurality of the world. Indeed, she is not only inspired by what she sees. Most of the time, she associates her photos with complex cultural practices such as the Aboriginal notion of Dreaming Time and its link with the landscape or the immediacy of Japanese Haiku poems. These series are an incentive to travel and to open up to the world.

This photograph is an exception because it does not represent her travels but the journey, the road that allowed her to find inspiration.

The passenger compartment serving as a framework offers us a series of contrasts:

– Color: warm reassuring (sunset) / cold colors (road /car)
– Speed: mirror (serenity) / road (speed
– Spatial and temporal: field (the passenger compartment) / off-field (sunset), behind past / rolling towards the future

From these contrasts emanates a discourse. Indeed they answer each other, the elements present on this photo although normally contradictory, allow us to have a global apprehension of the sensations present in the moment. The past visible through the mirror and the future suggested by the road are reconciled. The warm and peaceful colors of the past make it possible to approach the future in a serene way.

The enigmatic title 21:21  evokes a suspended moment, a mirror hour that echoes the rear-view mirror occupying the central place of the image.